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Travelling to Croydon from Stanstead Airport:

A selection of the best options for getting to Croydon from London's Stanstead Airport... 



Private car hire/taxi is a great option and I can recommend an excellent car service which you can easily book online. When you arrive at the airport they will be waiting for you with a placard with your name on.

They will take you directly to the apartment and the drive takes around 1hour 20 minutes or more depending on the traffic. 
Expect to pay around £70 for up to four people. Larger vehicles are available for those with lots of luggage or larger groups. For four persons with minimal luggage this works out at less than £15 each so is well worth considering particularly when you factor in the hassle of getting on and off trains with baggage and/or children.


Option 2- Underground and overground train......

Overground and underground from Stanstead Airport.

As you can see by the map below, Stanstead Airport is quite a distance from East Croydon but the good news is that trains are frequent on all stages of the journey. 

When you arrive at Stanstead Airport follow the signs for Stansted Airport train station, purchase a ticket for East Croydon.  
Take the train to Tottenham Hale Underground station, trains run every 10 minutes and it takes around 32minutes. 
Change here for the underground to London Victoria which takes appriox 20min and runs every 5 minutes. 
Once at London Victoria check the departure board for the next fastest train to East Croydon and proceed to the relative platform, this stage of the journey takes around 15 mins and trains run every 7 minutes or so. Cost of this journey is around £25. 

Expected Journey time around 1hr 20 mins

Stanstead journey map.jpg
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