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Get the most from your London travel experience with an Oyster Card

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We want to help you make the most of your trip to London and travelling on the fabulous London transport system will probably be a big part of your plans.

All travel on the London transport network is electronic. That means you can hop on and off simply by swiping a card instead of buying multi use paper tickets like the London Travel Card.


Visit London is a website that gives free, impartial advice and will help you to understand the options available to you.

It’s available in many languages and we believe it to be one of the best source’s for London travel information.Further advice on all aspects of your trip including recommended attractions, is available on the same website, just head to the home page and follow the links.

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If you are going to be using the public transport system in London for more than a day, our advice is to get a Visitor Oyster card sent to your home or buy an Oyster card as soon as you arrive in the UK. It's available from most major train stations and even airports. It's like a pay before credit card but it's programmed to ensure you only ever pay the minimum amount in any given time when you are travelling. 



Other useful London apps, including the excellent ‘Citymapper’ app for journey planning can be found here....

Citymapper is an impressive app that tells you all you need to know about route planning, transport times and costs...

Join in with the new technology that’s making travelling in and around London simple and enjoyable. 


Our local station, East Croydon (zone 5), is a 12-minute walk away from our Morland Road apartments but armed with an Oyster card you can walk out of your apartment and hop on a bus which takes you to the station in just a few minutes!

There’s even an Oyster card smartphone app so as you can monitor your journeys, payments and balance.



There are many other useful resources relating to public transport in London so if you want to research the subject further here are some websites well worth a visit:

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