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Entry and Arrival instructions and video for Studio 10

Studio 10, 75 Morland Road, Croydon, CR0 6HA

If you are travelling by train:

When you reach East Croydon station (zone 5) be sure to exit the station by the ramp at the end of the platform and out of the FRONT exit. Turn left and you will see the taxi rank. You can take a black cab or make the 12-minute walk down the road.

Please contact us if you require further information on travelling to East Croydon.

If you are driving:

You can park in the vicinity of the building on the road, just be sure to avoid zig zag white lines and solid yellow lines as they are parking restricted areas.

When you reach the building, you will see that the left side is 75 and the right side 77.

Next to the building is a car sales garage which is owned by my business partner Iain Beaton.

Entering the building:

Take the steps up to the front door, next the door is a numeric key pad.

Tap in the code given to you and the lock will disengage and allow you to open the door.

Take the stairs, Studio 10 is on the first floor, second door on the left. 

Entering the Studio:

Next to the door are two small key safes, in the top one enter the combination code given to you and click the little black button downwards.

You will find your electronic key inside. Just place the grey key fob on the numeric pad of the electronic door handle and it will bleep and you can push the door open.

The blue key fob can be used to open the entrance door to the building and the Laundry room, simply by holding it against the numeric pad so be sure to keep it with you at all times.

Once inside you will see there is a manual on the coffee table that gives you information on the apartment, its features and appliances and Wi Fi codes.

The apartment is usually ready for your occupation from 2 pm onwards. It may be possible to enter earlier but you will need to ask me beforehand, the departure time is 10am.and please be sure to leave the key in the key box by the door when you leave.

Have a great stay.... Gary and the Perfect Apartment Team.

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